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Why would I need a coach? After all I have the Internet, Google, Bing, Yahoo and countless other benefits at my fingertips. This is the mindset of much of the world today. The rapid expansion of information over the past decade has produced an independence that is unprecedented in any other time.

In 1998, Google opened their Internet marvel with somewhere around 10,000 searches per day. Today, fourteen years later there are over 2.8 billion searches per day with 2/3rds of those coming from non-English speaking countries. Why would I need a coach?

Keep in mind that there are over 80,000 book publishers in the U.S. alone with 9-10,000 of those being non-profit publishers. It has been estimated that there are over 8000 new publisher start-ups each year and that book publishing is a $30 billion a year industry. Again why would I need a coach? We have libraries on every corner, and unprecedented access to information through the use of iPads Kindles and smart phones.

Here’s the reason, I think that every person needs a coach. As good as information and knowledge is, it does not have the power to produce sustainable transformation. It can inspire, encourage, and better us, but real and lasting transformation requires human interaction. That’s why you and I need a coach.

So if you and I need a coach, where would I go to find one? Coaches have sprung up in almost every segment of society. The business arena, the behavioral sciences field, the church world, and the educational arena all have their access to coaches and are not shy to hire one for their needs.

Here are three things that you should do before hiring a coach:

  1. Do your homework. Always find out something about the coach you are hiring. Get referrals, read testimonials, big for all you can find about that particular coach.
  2. Get a contract in writing. Be clear on expectations both from yourself and expectations from the couch. Things such as the schedule time the link of the coaching agreement. All these things and more should be written into a contract that is signed by both you and your coach.
  3. Discuss payment and payment options. Make sure you are clear concerning the amount of payment that you will owe for your coaching. Ask concerning the frequency of payment as well as methods of payment. All these things should be in writing before the first coaching appointment

So why should I need a coach? You need a coach to help you maximize all of your God-given potential and fulfill your calling and destiny.


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  • I need human interaction in the following areas of my life…
  • Information and knowledge are not enough to bring sustainable change because…


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