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Here is a question that each of us needs to answer: Will the acquiescence of the coaching movement compel the church to adopt the strikingly new paradigms of coaching? If so, what might that look like?

Let’s begin with the current generation of what I call “carry over” 20th century leaders. It’s a known fact that most leaders from the previous century operated from an “advice giving” paradigm. Advice giving is good and does have its place; however, the new coaching paradigm is about pushing the client to find answers rather than supplying all of them.

  • The old mindset says, “You can’t solve this without me,” thus producing followers rather than leaders. The new coaching paradigm is built upon the premise that leaders are responsible to steward their own lives.
  • The old model says, “Change is a product of information and knowledge. Given the right options, anybody can change.” The new coaching paradigm says, “Change is the function of support, encouragement, and accountability, rather than merely passing on information.”
  • The old mindset says, “Most people will never get it right without my help.” The new way says, “I believe in people.”
  • The old model says, “As a leader, I have to fix everybody.” The new coaching paradigm says, “I am not responsible to fix everyone. All have a responsibility to steward their own lives.”
  • The old mindset says, “Here’s what I’d do if I were you.” The new coaching paradigm says, “Let me ask you powerful questions and help you discover what to do.”


Are you beginning to see the new paradigms that must evolve in order to spawn a coaching movement in the body of Christ? Outdated and unbiblical leadership philosophies must begin to shift. New, more biblical methodologies must be embraced. Are we ready?


  • Tell me what you think your major paradigm shift would be below.
  • How can you incorporate your new paradigm shift with your giftings and callings?


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