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One of Jesus’ main methods of discipleship was what I would call the “coaching model.” That is he practiced a Hebraic model of relational learning, coupled with real life experiences. This means that he not only talk the theory of Christianity, he walked it out with them in a human interaction form of discipleship.

One of the greatest challenges in the 21st-century church is that we have adapted what I call an “impersonal model” of discipleship. We’ve substituted mere information and knowledge for human interaction and called it discipleship. This would have never been acceptable with Jesus and his disciples. He called them that they might be with him, demonstrating to the entire world that true discipleship not only involves information and knowledge, but also personal human interaction.

This is one of the reasons I so heartily embrace the Christian coaching movement. In my notion it takes us back to a biblical model of discipleship. One in which not only are disciples given biblical information, they are also given proper amounts time with seasoned Christians, human interaction, and personal attention. I believe when the church embraces this type of discipleship we will see a change in our influence in society, culture, and our cities.

So the Jesus modeling coaching is not some microwave, quick-fix type of Band-Aid we put on people’s lives. Rather it is a journey that takes time and patience and endurance.

So I call coaching a silent revolution, one that we as the church must embrace wholeheartedly in order to move forward with God in these last days. I suppose my question would be; “Will the church embrace this silent revolution?” Only time will tell. But while we’re waiting, go ahead check it out for yourself – It could transform your life.

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