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Many of Jesus’ popular methods of leadership training and teaching modeled what today we would call the life-coaching model. By calling Jesus a life coach, we are not implying that he was only a coach. No, clearly he was a prophet, priest, king, teacher and many other examples too numerous to mention in this article.

However, here are a few of those methodologies that fit the category of Jesus as life coach:

Model it then talk about it.

Under this model, Jesus never attempted to teach until he first demonstrated it. Luke 11:1 is the perfect example, it reads, “When he had finished praying one of his disciples asked him, Lord teach us to pray.” Did you notice that it said when he had finished praying? We find no record of him teaching on prayer until his disciples saw him model it and live it out in his life.

By modeling life and ministry then talking about it, Jesus disciples had a much deeper perspective then if they had merely been told about it.

The idea of modeling life is a basic Hebraic paradigm that says “you can’t know it until you experience it.” Coaching belongs to this paradigm.

Promote deeper learning by asking questions.

Jesus was recorded as asking over 300 questions in the gospels. Did he do this because he was unlearned and ignorant? I don’t think so! He used this model to engage others in deeper learning and processing.

Often times if an individual would process Jesus question, he would actually answer his own. Our Western world mindset does not appreciate the value of questions. Our culture values answers. However in Gods economy, often times questions evoke answers.

However questions themselves do not change people. One must become skilled at asking questions. For instance, some questions need to be direct and at the heart of the matter. Others need to be revealing questions, in other words questions that help the person think from another perspective. What about ownership questions? They help people to take responsibility and own situations and happenings. Only then can real change be brought about.

So using questions really is a life skill, an area that most of us can use much improvement in.

Do you follow Jesus teaching and coaching lessons?


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