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Many of Jesus’ models of leadership training were Life Coaching Models

Not many in today’s Western-world mindset appreciate Jesus’ coaching methods as demonstrated in the gospels. Why? This is primarily due to the fact that the eyes of our understanding have been veiled by our cultural constraints. However, many, if not most of Jesus methods of leadership training were what today we would call, life coaching models.

There were several reasons for this. For starters, as mentioned above, our cultural glasses affect our view of life. Like it or not, our cultural environment effects the way we interpret life and our Greek paradigm of learning exalts knowledge and information as the keys to learning. Yes, they are important but realistically there are other models of learning that have to be embraced for deeper learning to take place. Human interaction is glaringly missing from the Greek model.

Secondly, Jesus methodology for training was based on a Hebraic paradigm of implementation. The Hebraic paradigm of learning says that “you really can’t know something until you experience it.” This too encapsulates the coaching methodology of learning, which is based on human interaction. Jesus embraced this model when he called his disciples that “they might be with him.” (Human interaction)

Thirdly, Jesus often challenged his disciples through the use of powerful and thought-provoking questions. Our culture does not appreciate powerful questions. We live in a society that would rather have answers. However, it is important to understand that Jesus did not ask questions because he was ignorant or didn’t know the answers; he asked them to provoke conversation and create deeper awareness. This too is the coaching model of training and growth.

Finally, Jesus was a master at using teachable moments to drive home spiritual truth and principle. To Jesus, many of life’s experiences were seen as a lesson waiting to happen. So what is a teachable moment? Teachable moments are times immediately following emotional and or spiritual experiences, in which we become extremely soft and pliable, hence the term teachable moments. Have you learned to grasp these life opportunities as shaping events?

As you can see from this brief teaching, Jesus practiced many of the skills you and I would today call “life coaching.” This short article would not allow me to cover in-depth the teaching tools and models Jesus used to train the twelve. However, here are a few scripture references to various models and skills. I would recommend you take the time to find a quiet place and read and meditate on them, in order to better grasp how Jesus taught his leaders.

The following is an incomplete listing of a few of Jesus’ methodologies:

  • Powerful Questions- Mk.9; 33, Matt. 16:13, 15; 18:1. Jn. 13:12
  • Teachable Moments- Mk. 9:33-37; 10:35-45
  • Model it and talk about it- Lk. 11:1; 10:17-24


  1. In order to move toward the leadership development of Jesus I need to:
  2. In order for me to have more human interaction I will need to:
  3. Teachable moments often elude me because I…


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