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Clergy Coaching

Quarterback coaches are in high demand in the NFL today. Most if not all teams have one. The QB coach works with the person considered to be the leader and pacesetter, the play caller if you will. Why? Because everyone knows the QB’s performance often determines the difference between a winning or loosing season.

It’s no different in the local church. Like it or not the pastor is the lead person. As goes the pastor, so goes the church. If this is true, then it stands to reason that pastors too need to be coached. Paul had Barnabas, Timothy had Paul, who do you have coaching you?

Isn’t it about time you connected with a ministry coach?

Coach John brings with him over 30 years of ministry experience, 22 of which were spent in the trenches of the local church as a pastor. He knows what it takes to succeed as well as survive.

He has a proven passion and track record for helping ministry leaders achieve biblical success. Give him a call today, or email him, and ask about his “Coaching the Quarterback” package. You’ll not be disappointed.