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Become a Coach

As coaching comes of age in the 21st century, society is demanding that its coaches be professionally trained and certified. In order to meet that expectation, Hey Coach John offers a certification program that is second to none.

Our certification process is given careful oversight by professionally trained and proven trainers. We offer only the best of training when it comes to the certification process. It is also important to note that our certification program can be completed in less than one year and is offered in an online format.

Various Levels of Certification

Our certification program offers various levels of certification, according to the individual’s niche as an upcoming coach. We currently offer two levels of certification:




The Commitment

Each Lifeforming training track is approximately a four-hour per week commitment for three months.

Our philosophy is that great coaches are not made overnight. We’ve learned that the mere acquisition of information is not enough. It takes human interaction as well as information to produce a skillful coach. That process takes time.

It is our goal is not only to train you to be a competent coach, it is also to help you have a transformational experience as you integrate the material and training into your own life. Completing a track will give you an in-depth understanding and life experience in that area, as well as an ability to use those skills to coach others.

If you would like more information regarding each level of certification, don’t hesitate to contact us.