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The word “coach” has become a buzzword in today’s culture. It is thrown around and used with anything that has to do with personal development. Now I understand their idea when they refer to training, mentoring and call it coaching. However, pure coaching is not the same as mentoring, teaching, counseling, or the like. We do not have the time to get into that discussion now.

So, the primary reason that coaching is a buzzword is the rapid pace of growth and development in society. Individuals and organizations are now required to reinvent themselves at such a rapid pace, often at breakneck speeds. It is now a fact that in some fields, knowledge now doubles every 18 months. (Medical, technology, geography, etc.)

This rapid expansion often creates what I call “danger zones.” These danger zones are treacherous areas in which individuals organizations and companies often find themselves when in transition. The result is often cultural, organizational, and personal landmines. In order to counter this effect, individuals, organizations, corporations, and churches hire coaches to help them navigate through transition.

The coach comes in not so much as the expert in the field, but rather as a “change expert.” One who supports, encourages, and holds the person accountable, enabling them to navigate the deep waters of change.

The coach becomes a change expert to others because of his or her skill at interrogating reality. The term, interrogating reality, was originally coined by author, and coach, Susan Scott in her book Fierce Conversations. Idea of interrogating reality simply means to get to the bottom of the issue at hand. This is not an easy task, given the complexity of organizations cultures, and individual temperament. Coaches also attaining to the title of being a “change expert” by helping individuals take responsibility and maximize their God given potential.

With this in mind, is it any wonder that coaching is a buzzword in today’s world?


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