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Oh, what a wonderful God we have! How great are his riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his methods!  For who can know what the Lord is thinking? Who knows enough to be his counselor?  

Rom 11:33-34 NLT


The birth of Christ was one of the most carefully planned events in the history of the planet.   


The event we call Christmas was not an afterthought in God’s mind.  Neither was it a plan “B” type of arrangement or some off the cuff idea.  Rather, it was a strategic plan, established from the eons of eternity and to pull it off required accurate timing and incalculable wisdom.  In short, it was God’s genius.


The Challenging Work
The scriptures seem to indicate that of all of God’s works, this event was the most challenging.  Think about it; creation only demanded the work of His hands and fingers, the bringing forth of mankind required merely his breath, but salvation required that he “bear His mighty arm. “(Ps. 8:3; Gen 2:7; Is. 59:16)


Cleverly, God disclosed His plan as a mystery. He then wove it into the scriptures and heralded it through His prophets across a span of four thousand years of history. The reason being, if Satan had clearly understood the plan, he might have succeeded in disrupting the entire event.  (See I Cor. 2:7-8)


Decreed Beforehand
The entirety of the plan was recorded and decreed in the volume of the book.  (See Psalms 40:7). This meant that from cover to cover of the Old Testament, the plan was laid out through every story and each ritual, thus revealing the plan.  The time, the place, and every specific detail was spelled out so that no one could deny it once it transpired.


A Pre-Existent Birth
The plan included a pre-existent birth, simply meaning that Christ’s existence did not begin in Bethlehem. In the beginning, Jesus the Word, already was. (John 1:1).  In order to accomplish the marvel of the incarnation, Jesus became human flesh. The wordincarnate means to “take on another form or change forms.”  Of course this happened through the virgin birth.


The Collaboration of Mankind
The plan also had to include the collaboration of man.  Because sin entered through mankind, Adam had to be involved in the redemptive plan.  Once mankind sold the title deed of the earth to Satan, mankind also had to be the legal entry point back into the earth.  Of course Christ, the second man, the last Adam became the answer to that part of the puzzle. (See I Cor. 15: 45)


We also find various men and women of the first Adam participating.  People such as Abraham, David, Mary and others played a role in the great plan of redemption.  And not to be overlooked is the fact that the final link in the redemptive plan was a woman. (See 1 Tim 2:15)


As you can see, the Christmas event was not an afterthought.  It was a mighty display of the Godhead, whose mastermind answered all the questions that would arise, and at that, even before they were ever asked.  How awesome is that?  Let’s celebrate the event!


There’s no plan “B” around here!


Coach John


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