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In the life and ministry of Jesus we see this marvelous pattern of living unfolding as we study his life. It seems that no experience in life was wasted or viewed as coincidence. Rather, Jesus had the uncanny ability to make every experience a teachable moment. To Jesus, every life moment was a lesson waiting to happen.

How do we move toward that direction? How do we recognize teachable moments and grasp hold of them when they appear. Here are a few pointers to help you grasp teachable moments.

  1. What is a teachable moment? And how does a coach take advantage of them? A teachable moment is a season of time that immediately follows an emotional, and or spiritual experience in which the client becomes soft and pliable, hence teachable.
  2. Timing is of the essence when it comes to teachable moments. If we wait too long to seize the moment the power of it passes. If we moved to quickly, before the client grasps its power, we short-circuit the teachable moment. Timing is everything.
  3. What do we do while we are in the moment? Theoretically it’s a time to capture all that has taken place. Surprisingly, these are not some rare and mystical moment that infrequently graces our life, rather they are continually popping up and last but a short time and are gone. You and I must learn to grab them when they are present. Curiosity is a great way to navigate these Times when they appear. That is what makes coaching and teachable moments such a powerful time. Also it makes coaching uniquely interesting and equally fun.

To understand how to take advantage of these teachable times in our lives, study the life of Jesus. He used these unique moments as physical pictures of spiritual truth. Go ahead, take a jab at it I think you’ll find it a rather interesting way of coaching.

So do you know how to seize a teachable moment? Do you recognize them when they appear? It takes some practice to learn them but you can do it. We don’t have time to get into it but it is interesting to note that you can actually begin to design them. Start looking for them in your life and in those around you, they’re a great tool for effective coaching.


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