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Life Focus Module

This is the second module of three in the Professional Coaching Track. Much like the format of the previous module, it is a 13 week module that employs a combination of an online workshop, weekly learning through personal study, peer practice sessions and time with a personal trainer.

It is designed to help you define your personal life purpose using tangible tools that you can incorporate into your life as well as your future clients. It involves such exercises as dreaming, goal-setting, grasping your personal values, life purpose and biblical life-planning.

*Completion of Formation or ACT Upgrade is required.


  • Develop a deepened sense of destiny – faith that God really does have a specific plan for our lives, and a solid hope that by grace we’ll be able to fulfill his purpose for us
  • Discover in a fresh way how God shapes us through our experiences, and how those experiences help us understand God’s design for our lives
  • Learn to lead others through a reflective life purpose discovery process that gathers insights about God’s design through identifying gleanings, convergence experiences, and themes
  • Understand and begin to experience why and how to dream and explore the future more freely
  • Identify and deal with dream busters in our lives, clearing the way to experience a new level of freedom to dream and believe God for that dream’s fulfillment
  • Discover a biblical life planning and goal-setting process that works for your gifting and personality style, and begin implementing it in the context of peer accountability
  • Become adept at working with dreams and goals – grasping how they differ, and learning how and when to convert dreams to S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Develop a working set of personal values in the ten life categories, and understand how to use them as a plumb line for decision-making and goal-setting
  • Begin taking action steps and making practical life changes (large or small) that move us toward our life purpose
  • Develop tools to stop and re-focus our lives at any time in the future, and learn to help others do likewise

During the Life Focus track you’ll practice coaching skills in a live situation by walking a client (or your spouse) through a structured destiny discovery process. You will actually start coaching!


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