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Formation Module

This is the first of three modules involved in the Professional Coach Certificate.

The Formation Moduleis an in-depth, 13-week program that employs a combination of an online workshop, weekly learning through personal study, peer practice sessions and meaningful time with a personal trainer.


  • Understand and be able to articulate and illustrate the ten Lifeforming core coaching values
  • Understand and experience accountability, and value it as crucial to reaching one’s potential and finishing well
  • Learn practical ways to foster change by providing S.E.A. (Support, Encouragement & Accountability) in an accountable relationship
  • Understand and experience authenticity, and know how to create transparent, growth-centered relationships
  • Know how to find, approach, and develop a covenant relationship with a coach, peer coach or a peer mentor for specific areas of life and how to make the relationship growth-oriented
  • Learn to ask powerful coaching questions
  • Develop effective listening skills
  • Begin building a long-term pattern of feedback and debriefing into his or her leadership or ministry. Learn to give and receive timely, specific feedback
  • Redefine Kingdom success and failure in terms of learning and growth
  • Because this track begins the training process, it includes more one-on-one time with the coach trainer and peer than any of the other tracks.


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